Privacy Policy


We appreciate your trust when you sign up with our firm. We ensure to take proficient care of your personal information and keep your order history, information and records private. or any of the affiliates will not be able to misuse any personal information. Personal information is mainly defined as information, which is related to personal, and while combining it with other information, is capable of identifying the person. It comprises of your address, name, date of birth, sex and phone number. We will collect some sensitive information, like bank account details, debit card or credit card details and more. This sensitive information is used for securing payment methods with your orders.

We ensure to follow a strict privacy policy like:

No sharing of information:

Other than what is stated in privacy policy, we are not going to use personal or sensitive information of our client for any reason or purpose. By ordering our products, you consent to this use of your personal information, with us.

How we use your information

Emailing you copy of order

Emailing you shipping confirmation

Emailing you short survey of customer satisfactory note

Emailing for any “reminders” you want to

Emailing information related to new promotions or products on websites

Emailing you regarding any interesting issues or facts

Gathering information

  1. We ensure to cover your personal information by Privacy Policy with strict guidance. We might share this information with third party business partners and our noted vendors, only for processing your orders. We might share it for noting any complaints, regarding our products or services.
  2. You have every right to know information, which we have collected. You can even change this information. For contacting us regarding any change of information, you can write us at .
  3. For making changes, you have to prove your identification. This will prevent others from accessing files under your name.
  4. We will prevent revealing credit card details over phone. If any problem takes place with credit cards, our merchant bank will handle it for you.
  5. Strict confidence is meant for customer feedback. If you ever disclose the feedback, it will be kept anonymous.
  6. In short, anything you purchase from, it will be protected strictly. The services are 100% private.

Legal issues

Links to other sites

Merger, Acquisition and Termination of Service

If we merge with any third party, the new company might use sensitive or personal information, you have provided us. If we cease it, then other companies, offering similar products or services, will use your information.

You will agree that we have the best privacy policy in industry. You can write to us at , for any needful clarification.