Ayurvedic tips for Muscle Mass

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Ayurvedic tips for Muscle Mass

Nowadays, in this sedentary lifestyle, the physical activities have gone down to nil. Everyone desires good body, enhanced muscle strength and strong immunity. Are you a fitness freak, but are in search of natural body supplements? Hate to take the risk of the side effects of various chemical driven muscle enhancement powders, body weight gainers? Your search inevitably ends here. There are natural tricks of getting that desired in-shape body and get a well-built look with no risk of any side effects.

Top natural supplements listed below along with your exercise program

1. Safed Musli

Another herb with adaptogenic qualities that helps the human body adapt to stressful situations, safed Musli is a rare herb that grows in the Indian Subcontinent. Safed musli has been known to surge human growth hormone production and is the ideal herb to acquire big muscles. In addition to this, studies have shown that safed musli increases testosterone levels too. Muscle protein powders are known to aid muscle growth but safed musli provides dual benefits by assisting muscle growth as well as recovery.

An Indian Ayurvedic herb for muscle growth

2. KaunchBeej

It helps in the enhancement of the desire. It also improves the count and the motility. 

3. Shilajit

It consists of fulvic acid and many minerals and thereby offers health benefits. It helps in enhancing the immunity, act as an energy booster and also help in the removal of the excess fluid.

4. Gokshura

Gokhru reduces athletic fatigue significantly and increases muscle strength. It has been used to treat cough and asthama by increasing the supply of oxygen during the circulation of blood which makes usage of muscles effective and efficient. It also increases endurance levels by enhancing strength. Gokhru is the perfect herb for athletes and individuals going to the gym since, like shatavari, it reduces fatigue while exercising and increases muscle strain tolerance.

5. Ashwagandha

A powerful herb with an array of benefits, Ashwagandha has been extremely beneficial for both body and mind. It has adaptogenic properties like shatavari and is found in North Africa and India. It is known to decrease body fat percentage, increasing muscle mass and testosterone levels in male consumers. Other benefits include reducing blood sugar levels, anxiety disorders and chronic stress that are not visible in other gym powders.

6. Shatavari

Shatavari has been a very important component of Ayurvedic medical practices for thousands of years. It is well known for its adaptogenic properties and belongs to the asparagus family. Research has suggested that it contains strong antioxidants and can also provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Synthetic protein powders are produced to focus primarily on muscle gain and are devoid of any such benefits. Research has even suggested that shatavari increases the ability of muscles to use glycogen and free fatty acids thereby delaying exhaustion by a whopping 40%.


Widely regarded as an all-rounder in the herb family, this is an incredibly beneficial herb with numerous benefits. It delivers vital nutrients to the cells of the body, provides anti-inflammatory benefits, it is used by individuals for hair regrowth and offers various crucial benefits. Amla supports intense workouts by being effective at inhibiting muscular hypersensitivity. Synthetic gym powders are only helpful for weight gain due to which the abilities and benefits provided by amla remain unmatched.

8. Vidarikand

It has the properties to manage the stomach inflammation due to its antiviral and the antibacterial properties. It also helps in reducing the pain and also the inflammation in the stomach. 

9. Guduchi or Giloy 

It has multiple benefits like it enhances the immunity, treats the severe fever, improves the digestion and reduces the stress and the anxiety.

10. Arjuna

It helps in reducing the risk of the heart diseases. It also strengthens the heart muscles and helps in the proper functioning of the heart.

11. Trikatu

It improves the digestion of the food and also helps in the absorption of the nutrients.

12. Kokilaksha

It is very much helpful for the men as it helps in the management of the erectile dysfunction by enhancing the testosterone levels.

However, in the busy schedule, it might become quite hazardous to fetch these herbs mentioned above from the market. Well, you need not worry! An Ayurvedic supplement meant to enhance the muscle growth is now available at your doorstep.

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It is an Ayurveda naturally made muscle enhancer supplement with the significant properties of 12 vital herbs to support the workout enthusiasts to fulfil their set goals. It is, however, different from other Ayurvedic methods which help in the enhancement of the weight. It aids the body in a complete natural way. Now getting in perfect shape is comfortable with Testo Up.

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